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Prudent Investment Management

“Defense wins championships” – Paul ‘Bear” Bryant

When you are working and saving for retirement, stock market declines are opportunities since you have a long-term time horizon, are dollar-cost averaging, and the temporary drop in your retirement savings won’t impact your lifestyle. Unfortunately, investing near or in retirement is complicated since your time horizon is shorter, and stock market drops can negatively impact your lifestyle.

Common questions and concerns:

Common questions and concerns:

  1. Do I have the right investments?
  2. Should I invest differently in retirement?
  3. Can I protect my savings in a bear market?
  4. Is my portfolio diversified and balanced to perform well in all economic environments?
  5. Is my portfolio cost-efficient?

Our Solution:

Reduce volatility and protect your savings while earning the highest return at your desired risk level.

  1. Risk analysis and identify your optimal benchmark
  2. Build a long-term diversified and economically balanced portfolio that is cost-efficient
  3. Active investment management – tilt portfolio to perform well in the current economic environment
  4. Stress-test the portfolio to understand how it performs in different investing environments
  5. Manage Risk
    • portfolio volatility is targeted to the risk level of your benchmark 
    • Investments are made in units of risk, not dollar weightings
    • Rebalance and Tax-Harvest Portfolio

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