Reach your Goals and Enjoy a Comfortable, Secure Retirement

For investors who believe that interest rates are too low, the stock market is too volatile, and Wall Street doesn’t always put their interests first, we created an investment strategy, which finds the lowest-cost, lowest-risk way to meet your investment goals.

We grow your wealth by building portfolios that perform well in all economic environments, while reducing volatility, and preserving capital in bear markets. Unlike Wall Street’s “Traditional Blend” (a portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds) our investment strategy is diversified and economically balanced, which reduces risk while maintaining reward. Additionally, we capitalize on market inefficiencies and risk weight our investments to enhance returns and manage risk.

Retirement Planning | Tax Strategy | Investment Management

Retire Well with Our Simple, yet Sophisticated Process

Sound Financial Planning

  • What are your retirement goals and objectives?
  • What do you want in retirement, and how do you get there?
  • When can you retire well?


We work hard to understand your unique situation and design a financial plan that achieves your near and long-term goals.

Prudent Investment Management

  • Can you achieve stable investment returns with less risk?
  • Can your portfolio perform well in all economic environments?
  • Is your portfolio generating the maximum return at your desired risk level?


We are a Registered Investment Advisor that always puts clients first and builds custom portfolios designed to achieve the highest return at your desired risk level.

Intelligent Tax Strategy

  • Are you paying too much tax?
  • Will a Roth Conversion reduce your tax burden in retirement?
  • How can Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) help me pay less tax?


We work with you to create a detailed Tax Strategy that helps you reach your retirement goals and minimize your tax burden.

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Our Value-Driven Private Wealth Management Strategy

Diversified & Economic Balanced

  • Asset allocation explains more than 90% of investment return variability
  • Modern portfolio theory: maximum return at the desired risk level
  • A balanced asset allocation (equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies) performs well in all economic environments (growth, recession, inflation)

Value-Driven Asset Allocation

  • Buy assets at a discount to their intrinsic value (buy low, sell high)
  • Expected return and volatility determine optimal risk allocation
  • Mitigate risk as the cycle matures, and risk-reward deteriorates

Investment Selection

  • Value and Price Momentum strategies outperform buy and hold
  • Must be adequately rewarded to assume additional risk

Risk Management

  • Portfolio volatility is targeted to the risk level of your benchmark 
  • Investments are made in units of risk, not dollar weightings.
  • Rebalance and Tax-Harvest Portfolio

Private Wealth Management Built on Integrity and Experience

Our Simple, Yet Sophisticated Investment Process

1. Listen

We listen to understand your unique financial situation — needs, wants, desires, and concerns.

2. Build

Build a detailed “Investing for Retirement Strategy Plan” focused on addressing your financial needs and goals, so that you can retire well.

3. Create

Create an Investment Policy Statement and choose an appropriate benchmark to monitor risk and reward.

4. Construct

Construct a value-driven portfolio that is diversified, economically balanced, and manages risk to protect capital in all economic environments.

5. Reduce

Reduce your costs and optimize your tax-burden.

6. We Invest with You

At Manley Capital, we invest alongside our clients to prevent any conflicts of interest.

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