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​Manley Capital Management

* It Is our fiduciary duty to always put clients first

* We invest alongside our clients, because actions speak louder than words

Investment Advisors-Wealth Managers

Conflicts of Interest

  • High commissions, sales inducements, internal product
  • Sales managers, production goals/incentives
  • Asset Gatherer or Investment Manager​

Static 60/40 Asset Allocation Model
​Efficient market theory drives investment strategy   

​​Insurance Products (Variable Annuity)

Conflicts of Interest

  • ​High commissions, sales inducements, internal product         
  • Sales managers, production goals/incentives

Complex Investment Contract
Lockup with surrender penalty, give up control of principal
Taxes deferred, not exempt or long-term, no cost-basis step up

Hedge Fund - Fund of Funds 

Very High Fee (2% and 20% of profits)
Must return 14.5% gross to net stock's historic 10% CAGR

Alpha is a zero-sum game
Ex post facto and survivorship bias
​​Partnership Structure
Lock-ups, gates, limited transparency
Own a percentage of a fund, not assets
Rehypotication risk

Manley Capital Management, LLC

Conflict Free

  •     Registered with (and regulated by) the U.S. SEC
  •     Independent firm, fee-based compensation
  •     Investment manager focused on small client base
  •     Manager is invested pari passu with clients

Separate Managed Accounts

  •      Independent custodian, client owns assets
  •      No lock-up, immediate liquidity, full transparency
  •      Real time performance, tax efficient

Market's Risk-Reward Drives Asset Allocation

  •      Value-driven investment process mitigates risk as

                market cycle matures 

  •      Sophisticated, yet simple strategy
  •      Exploits market's inherent inefficiencies