Our Value-Driven Investment Strategy

Diversified and Economically Balanced

  • Asset allocation explains more than 90% of investment return Variability

  • Modern portfolio theory: maximum return at desired risk level

  • A Balanced asset allocation (equities, bonds, commodities and currencies) performs well in all economic environments (growth, recession, inflation)

Value-Driven Asset Allocation

  • Buy assets at a discount to its intrinsic value (buy low, sell high)

  • Expected return and volatility determine optimal risk allocation

  • Mitigate risk as cycle matures and risk-reward deteriorates

Asset Selection

  • Value and Price Momentum strategies outperform buy and hold

  • Must be adequately rewarded to assume additional risk

Risk Management

  • Volatility, Trend, Price Momentum and Relative Strength

  • Hedge Equity Exposure in Overvalued and Declining Markets

  • Rebalance and Tax-Harvest Portfolio

The goal of our Value-driven Investment Strategy is to provide responsible investment management to investors seeking capital appreciation, balanced with risk management and preservation of capital. 

Our Investment Process

​Discuss and analyze: client's current financial situation, and fully understand their objectives, goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. 

Evaluate: market's valuation, risk-reward profile and long-run prospective return potential.

Construct:  a value-driven investment portfolio that is diversified and economically balanced. Within each sleeve (stocks, bonds and commodities/currencies) overweight assets with favorable valuation and momentum characteristics.

Risk Management: manage portfolio volatility and eliminate assets with negative momentum and poor relative strength.

Portfolio Management: monitor performance, tax harvest, and rebalance asset allocations.

Communicate: monthly performance review and market outlook commentary.​​

Responsible Investment Management                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       financial advisors in Summit, NJ                                  

Our investment strategy is simple yet sophisticated:​

  • Create value driven, diversified and balanced portfolios
  • Manage risk and protect capital
  • Keep costs and tax-burden low